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Your Best Manufacturer in Electrical Cooperation

Industrial plugs and sockets are a new generation of power connection devices. They are internationally accepted, safe and reliable.

Suitable for a variety of purposes, it has been gradually used in iron and steel smelting, petrochemical, electric power, electronics, railways, construction sites, airports, mines, mining sites, water supply and drainage treatment plants. As well as ports, docks, shopping malls, hotels, gardens, etc., as well as supporting facilities for power supplies and connectors for imported equipment and supporting and maintenance spare parts, it is a new generation of ideal power connection devices.



All kinds of industrial and mining enterprises will be more widely used in construction.

With the gradual development of the world economy, the expansion or new construction of various industries is constantly increasing, and the technology of various precision instruments, industrial and mining equipment, mechanical equipment, complete sets of equipment, and processing equipment is constantly improving; the original equipment power supply The connection plug-in can no longer adapt to the high-precision and safe operation of the equipment.

Therefore, the novel industrial plug socket and mobile box are the most ideal upgrade products in the market at present, and its good electrical conductivity and safe and reliable connection device will be the safety guarantee of the connection system.



Yueqing Rongsheng Import Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is located in the world-famous “China Electric Appliance Capital”

The company integrates production, learning, research and sales, and is specialized in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of electric vehicle charging and swapping infrastructure products. Equipped with a high-quality R&D team, with rich R&D experience, profound technology accumulation, perfect product development, engineering design and supporting facilities. Implementing scientific and humanized management, it is the most professional enterprise with mass production capacity in China.

The company’s industrial plugs, sockets, connectors (couplers) and other products have the advantages of dust-proof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, high toughness, good impact resistance, and high finish, and are widely used in steel , chemical industry, electric power, electronics, ports, airports, oil exploration, subways, large venues, food and automobile manufacturing and other industries.

We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign merchants to visit and guide us. May we cooperate sincerely to create brilliance together.

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Your Best Manufacturer in Electrical Cooperation

Yueqing Rongsheng Import Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

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