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Use industrial sockets with care

Now our life is inseparable from electricity, which is both convenient and a certain safety hazard for us. Socket is an indispensable part of our life. What do we need to pay attention to when using high-current plugs and sockets?


1. Avoid inserting the plug with wet hands. Because water is a conductor, electric shock accidents may occur.

2. Grasp the power cord, and it is forbidden to unplug the plug. In order to prevent electric shock, some people do not unplug the power cord when plugging in the plug. They use the method of directly turning off the power cord and pull the power cord hard. Pull the part where the power cord is connected to the plug, so that the power cannot be supplied normally. The pulled out parts are likely to cause short circuit, electric leakage, fire and electric shock accidents.

3. If the socket plug is found to be abnormal, replace it in time. If the temperature of the socket is too high or arc, fire, poor contact between the plug and the socket, or the plug is too loose or too tight, stop using it immediately and replace it.

4. Avoid excessive service of the old socket, the socket also has its own service life, the plug is often loose after being inserted into the socket, and the phenomenon of poor contact indicates that the internal spring lacks elasticity, and the socket has reached the age of scrapping. In addition, the service life of the socket will be extended, the copper inserted inside will age, and the insulation of the shell will be poor. During use, the shell will be powered off and the contact will be poor at any time, thus endangering the user’s personal safety and electrical safety.

5. Avoid “Pony Karts”. High-current plugs and sockets have a main indicator called rated current. The rated current of an electrical appliance plugged into a high-current plug socket cannot exceed the rated current of the socket. That said, ponies cannot be used to augment cars. Otherwise, the socket will heat up, which will affect the service life, damage the home appliances or cause a fire. Pay special attention not to plug high-power appliances such as air conditioners and microwave ovens into sockets with a lower rated current.

6. The plug should be wiped frequently, and the electrical plug should be wiped frequently. Otherwise, the poles of the plug will accumulate dust or produce rust, which will increase the contact resistance between the socket and the plug, generate high temperature during use, affect the life of the socket, burn the socket or cause a fire.

7. Do not change the size and shape of the high-current plug and socket. After purchasing home appliances from many families, it was found that the plugs were inconsistent with the sockets at home. Take the approach of changing the size or shape of electrical plugs rather than replacing sockets. The most common is to break off the grounding pin of the three-prong plug and plug it into a two-prong socket.

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Use industrial sockets with care

Now our life is inseparable from electricity.