Testing And Quality Control

Our products have passed all performance tests, and excel greatly over other similar ones in regards to temperature rise, mechanical durance, material flameproof, withstand high voltage, shake proof, temperature withstand, low pressure, dustproof, anti-pollution, moisture proof, waterproof, anti corrosion, mechanical strength and etc


Test of temperature rise

Our designed product, firstly shall meet with the requirement of
temperature rise under continuously operating, then try to get better
electric performances, our test equipment for temperature rise
integrates with other function: test of mechanical and electric
endurances, make these tests to be executed easily.


Test of comparative tracking index (CTI)

Besides conductivity of the metal parts in the products, we will pay attention on the CTI of plastic material, before the material selected for new products every time, we must perform CTI/PTI test, to ensure better insulation features.


Test of sand and dust proof

We can produce those products suitable for worldwide, one of main points is operating conditions, which need be known, to evaluate the availability of storage, transportation or operation if exposed over dry sand or atmosphere full of powder, dust, Test of sand and dust proof, performed under manmade sandy circumstances, to verify the dustproof capacity, if the product can operate under those bad conditions for long time.


Test of raining

As we knew, no matter the product is in service, or stored, it will be influenced by different liquid to some degree, when liquid penetrate, flow, impact or accumulated on the product, the performance, and material of the product may be affected, even the structure will be destroyed, so this problem can’t be neglected.
The purpose of this test is to verify the ability of preventing liquid penetration, and operation steadiness and reliability of product after the access of liquid.


Test of insert and pull force

During the design of the product, we firstly define a proper range of temperature rise, and try to detect a best feeling of insert and pulling within this range.
This test is to measure the actual data for the specified range with best feeling of operation, give proper reference to our design, improvement, evaluation and routine test.


Test of high and low temperature

Natural circumstances and passive environmental factors are existed too many, about tens of the cases will have influences on the operation and life of electric products and ambient temperature is one of main reasons.
To perform this test under high and low temperature as simulated ambient conditions, through the results, to verify the performances, if it can meet with the requirement as expected.


Test of glowing wire

The risk of fire is very severe, nowadays the fire danger occurs more and more frequently, the parts of electric products may lead to burning due to being bad contacted and overloading, the glowing-wire tester through its heating component or overloading resistance will produce some thermal capacity within short time, to verify the risk of electric fire


 Test of resilience