• RS-114K

Surface mounted socket RS-114K


16A three Phase 3P+PE IP44 6h 380-415V SOCKET.

RS-1452 drawing


▲ Type: RS-114K(CEIRSIEC)
Executive Standard of the Product: TUV AN50350283001
Certificate: TUV

Technical parameters:

Electrical characteristics

In rated current: 16A
▲ Ue rated operational voltage:AC220-380V~/AC240-415V~
▲ Withstand voltage: AC2500V~
▲ Insulation voltage: 500V d.c 1min > 5M
▲ Instantaneous impulse current: 10KA
▲ IP degree of protection: IP44
▲ Mechanical Endurancenserted in and pulled out≥50000 times
▲Shock: -25C 16h >0.5Kg 25
▲ Salt tolerance: >48h unrusted
▲ Acid resistance: >48h noncorrosive


▲Contact Material for copper parts
Material: Brass(ROHS)
Production process:turning
surface treatment:Electroless nickel plating

Material:Flame retardant nylon (PA)Glow-wire 650℃
Color:red + white
Production process:injection molding

▲Contact Material for plastic parts
Material:Flame retardant nylon (PA)Glow-wire 650℃
Color: Black
Production process: injection molding

Material: iron/stainless steel
Production process: Machining
Surface treatment: Electro galvanized

Using an environment

▲ Temperature: -25℃~125℃
▲ Structure size: As followed

Product presentation:


Produced according to national standards: GB/T11918.1-2014, GB/T11918.2-2014, IEC60309.
Three Phase four pin, In rated current: 16A
voltage: A380-415V~
Network frequency: 50-60Hz
IP degree of protection: IP44