• RSH02
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RSH01\RSH02 Series Plug


High current plug for the electrical connection of mobile consumer loads like construction machines, tunnel boring machines, conveyors, mining machines, cranes, ships, induction melting furnaces, test equipment, worksite distribution boards, etc
Suitable for mobile connector or stationary socket outlets




·Current 200A, 250A, 400A
·Voltage up to 1’000 VAC, 50/60 Hz
·Number of poles: 4 poles (3L+PEN), 5 poles (3L+N+PE)
·Equipped with 2 leading pilot contacts
·Execution in accordance with IEC EN SN 60309-1 and IEC EN SN 60309-2
·Very robust design in Aluminum
·Silver plated contact parts
·All screws and terminals in stainless steel
·Front part of the contact pins are exchangeable from the front side (250A and 400A), without
removing the connected cable
·Cable gland for cable 45 – 66 mm diameter