Product Choosing Guide


Yueqing Rongsheng Import Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. integrates production, learning, research and sales, and is specialized in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of electric vehicle charging and swapping infrastructure products. It has rich R&D experience, profound technology accumulation, perfect product development, engineering design and supporting facilities.

In response to the national sustainable development strategy, the company has set foot in the development of new energy products based on the concept of “low carbon, energy saving” S series and E series electric vehicle charging system.

Products include new energy electric vehicle charging pile, electric vehicle charging connector (charging gun) and interface (charging socket), charging harness, intelligent cabinet power distributor socket PDU series, junction box, 16A-1250A industrial plug, socket, connection Device (coupler), mechanical interlock, combination socket box, maintenance power supply box, plastic socket box, metal socket box, power distribution cabinet, control cabinet, refrigerator, etc.

In terms of new energy products for electric vehicle charging systems, we manufacture IEC62196.1/2/3 electric vehicle charging connectors and interfaces, electric vehicle charging pile products, and meet the new national standard GB/T20234.1/2/3-2015 , and obtained TUV Rheinland and DEKRA Dekai product certification.



Our industrial plugs and sockets adopt the national standard GB/T11918.1/2-2014 “Industrial Sockets and Couplers”, which is equivalent to IEC60309-1/2, EN60309-1/2, UL1682, and complies with international standards such as VDE0623 and BS4343. international standards.



The new generation of industrial plugs and sockets are suitable for power plug-in devices for industrial three-phase or single-phase lines. The industrial plugs and sockets of different models and specifications produced by our company have their own characteristics in appearance design. Although the materials used are different, the basic dimensions that meet the above standards can be used universally.

According to the purpose, installation method and moisture-proof level, it can be divided into sockets for power supply lines and appliance sockets for powered equipment, embedded type and wall-mounted type, ordinary type, splash-proof type and immersion-proof type.


Classification of industrial sockets

The difference in use of sockets can be divided into two categories: one type is used on power supply lines, usually called sockets; the other type is used on powered equipment, called appliance sockets.

The socket structure is mainly composed of socket cover, socket, socket seat and shell, and an elastic outer cover. The outer cover is usually closed and opened only when in use, which can prevent personal electric shock. The socket needs to be connected with a matching plug.