• RS-3142

Panel socket RS-3142


16A 3P+E 6h/380V-415V~
IP67 panel socket for Enclosure
4 pin industry socket used for power box.

Structure size: (mm)

RS-3142 Panel socket RS-3142 16A
Reference dimensions
a b c d e f g h h1 h2 i/φ
19.5 60 85 76.5 76.5 60.5 60.5 45 58.5 5.5
h1 is for plastic box
h2 is for sheet metal box


▲ Type: RS-3142(CEIRSIEC)
Environmental information: RoHS
Executive Standard of the Product: CE NO.LVD17-7034GB/T11918
Certificate: CE  CQC

Technical parameters:

Electrical characteristics

In rated current: 16A
▲ The rated operational voltage: AC220-415V~
▲ Withstand voltage: AC2500V~
▲ Insulation voltage: 500V d.c 1min>5M
▲ Instantaneous impulse current: 10KA
▲ IP degree of protection: IP67
▲ Mechanical Endurance: inserted in and pulled out≥50000 cycles
▲ IK:IK07
▲ Salt tolerance: 48h unrusted
▲ Acid resistance: 48h noncorrosive


▲ Contact :
Contact is brass (RoHS)

▲ Body
Material: Flame retardant nylon(PA) Glow-wire 650℃
Color: red + gray
Production process: injection molding

▲ Contact Material for plastic parts
Material: Flame retardant nylon(PA) Glow-wire 850℃
Color: Black
Production process: injection molding

Using an environment

▲ Temperature: -25℃~70℃
▲ Humidity: 40℃, 93%

Product presentation:


▲ Produced according to national standards: GB/T11918.1-2014, GB/T11918.2-2014, IEC60309, Single Phase three pins,
▲ In rated current: 16A,
▲ Ue rated operational voltage: AC220-250V~,
▲ Network frequency: 50-60Hz,
▲ Earth position:6h,
▲ IP degree of protection: IP67.


▲ Inner Box: 10pcs/box,
▲ Carton: 60pcs /carton

Product mix:

RS-0142 6H

Wiring instructions

▲ Follow the panel instructions L/+, Grounding

Product instructions

▲ Connection: lift the socket cover and insert the plug (the gap between the plug and the socket is less than 0.3mm) so that the socket cover is clamped on the lug of the plug sheath.

▲ Exit: turn up the cover of the socket, pull out the plug horizontally with the socket, and check that the cover of the socket returns to its original position.