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How to design the distribution box?

The distribution box is mainly used for the control and power distribution of electrical equipment, and to protect the circuit from overload, short circuit and leakage. Distribution boxes are installed in various places, and can be found in schools, institutions, hospitals, factories, workshops and even homes. So, how to design the distribution box to avoid the temperature of the electrical box from being too high?


First, the shell material

In order not to rust, the stainless steel material is not only resistant to rust, but also ensures heat reflection effect. In addition, in order not to make the heat radiation effect too large, it is best to coat the surface of this shell with an insulating coating.


Second, the installation location

Choosing a location is important because it is best to avoid the possibility of direct exposure at noon when the sun is at its maximum.


Third, the protection of high temperature season

For example, during the peak period of electricity consumption in summer, whether the load inside the warehouse is too heavy, whether the temperature outside the warehouse is too high, or both. In this case, it is also very important to reduce the release of equipment in the warehouse, pay attention to the heat generation outside the switchboard, and take timely protection.


Whether the temperature in the box can be dispersed immediately, and whether the material of the box can fully exert the functions of waterproof, anticorrosion, and dustproof. The use of switchboards must not only consider safety issues, but also the continuity and stability of use. The distribution box in summer is very important. If the high temperature encounters heavy rain, the parts in the distribution box are likely to be damaged, causing a greater disaster.

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How to design the distribution box?

First, the shell material. Second, the installation location.

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