RONGSHENG Introduced electric appliances co.,ltd. is located in the world-famous “China Electric City” —- Yueqing Wengyang street, the geographical position is superior, the East pillow Dongtou deep water port and Yueqing economic development zone and coastal high-speed line highway and S-2 light rail line directly connected to Wenzhou International Airport, near the G15 highway and 104 National Highway, close to YongTaiWen High-speed Rail (Bai Shi) Yueqing station, north of the national scenic area, the world geological park — Yandang Mountain and Yueqing Bay area, the geographical position is superior, the traffic is convenient.

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Company set production

Company set production, learning, research, sales for the integration, specializing in the development of electric vehicle charging for electricity infrastructure products, manufacturing, sales. Equipped with high-quality R & D team, has a wealth of R & D experience, deep technical accumulation, improve product development, engineering design and supporting facilities. The implementation of scientific and humane management, is the most professional, with the production capacity of enterprises.

Innovation is the driving force for the development of enterprises. In 2014, the company implemented the development of product diversification, so that a more comprehensive product system.

The company’s products include new energy electric vehicle charging pile, the electric vehicle charging connector (charging gun) and interface (socket), charging wire harness, intelligent cabinet power distributor socket PDU series, junction box, 16A-1250A industrial plugs, socket, connector (coupler), mechanical interlocking, combination socket box, maintenance power box, plastic socket metal box, socket box, power distribution cabinet, control cabinet, refrigerator etc..

In response to the national strategy of sustainable development

In response to the national strategy of sustainable development, based on the company involved in the development of “low carbon and energy saving” the concept of the S series and E series of electric vehicle charging system of new energy products, such as in line with the new national standard GB/T20234.1/2/3-2015, with IEC62196.1/2/3 electric vehicle charging connector and interface, electric vehicle charging pile, and access to TUV(Rhine) and DEKRA decka certification. The company will continue to develop more and better electric vehicle charging system products and electric vehicle charging solutions to meet the needs of the new energy market.

The company production of industrial plugs, sockets, connectors and other products (coupler) with dust, moisture, corrosion resistance and flame retardant high temperature and aging resistance, toughness, good impact resistance, smoothness etc., and is widely used in iron and steel, chemical industry, electric power, electronics, ports, airports, oil exploration, subway, the large venue, food and automobile manufacturing industries. Our company strictly execute the policy of quality control, the products had awarded CQC safety certiciate (former CCC), CE certificate, TUV certificate, DRKRA attestation, RoHS certificate and ISO9001-2008 quality management system.Companies in strict accordance with the “quality management system” ISO9001-2015, “mandatory product certification – factory quality assurance capability requirements” and the relevant provisions of the implementation of strict product quality, effective control, to ensure consistency of product stability, quality of product quality certification.

The company production
integrity management

Over the years, the third sides are satisfied with the supervision and inspection, quality products to provide customers with a safe guarantee.

The company based on “integrity management” business philosophy, adhere to the “quality of survival, technology and development to management for efficiency, reputation for service” business principles, after ten years of unremitting efforts, won the majority of customer recognition and trust.

The company will be continuous technological innovation, first-class quality, with first-class service, to win more customers, establish a “Rongsheng”(“CEIRSIEC”) brand, to provide more excellent products and quality service for the customer, make the company become the electric vehicle charging connector and interface, charging plug and socket connector industry lead the people with new energy and industrial.

We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign merchants to visit the guidance. We would like to cooperate sincerely to create brilliant.

Rongsheng”(“CEIRSIEC”) brand