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High current plug and socket: do you know how to choose the switch socket

High-current plug and socket: how to choose a switch socket?

Switch sockets can control household appliances very well, but some switch sockets are easily damaged during use and need to be replaced constantly. So, do you know how to choose a switch socket?

High current plug and socket

1. Calculation of switch sockets: when purchasing switch sockets, roughly calculate the number of switch sockets required for decoration, and set up multiple switch sockets in the living room and bedroom. .

2. Prediction of switch socket specifications: The sockets in the room seem to be similar at first glance, but there will be a big difference if you look closely. Generally speaking, the sockets are 6A, 10A and 16A, and high-power household appliances such as air conditioners. For electricity use, you should choose a socket above 16A and where the switch is located.

3. The design and installation position of the socket: Generally, the socket should be set at 0.3 meters from the ground, and the separated air conditioner should be kept at 1.8 meters. For household appliances such as TV sets, sometimes more than two sockets may be required.

Switch sockets Many people choose poor quality switch sockets. Switch sockets are household appliances that are used to connect and disconnect circuits. Sometimes they can also be decorated for aesthetics.

High-current plug and socket: What are the normal ways of switching the socket?

Fire accidents caused by improper installation or use of switch sockets abound. Do you know how to use switch sockets normally?

1. Select the appropriate switch socket according to the total capacity of household appliances and the specific use environment. Fire switches and pull switches should be selected in places with high humidity.

2. The rated current and voltage of the switch socket must be consistent with the actual power consumption, and must not exceed the regulations at will.

3. A fuse should be used for a broken switch, which cannot be replaced at will, especially for thick-melt switches. Copper, aluminum, and iron cannot be used instead of fuses.

4. The single-pole switch must control the live wire and cannot be connected to the neutral wire. Otherwise, the human body will easily touch the folded wire and cause an electric shock. Once the live wire is grounded, there will be a short circuit and a fire accident.

5. After the switch socket is damaged due to aging, it must be repaired or replaced directly.

6. Cut off the power supply in time, especially electric heaters, etc. when going out, sleeping or suddenly losing power.

7. The overload of the lamp holder is prone to accidents, so high-power electrical appliances such as electric irons, electric stoves, and air conditioners cannot be connected to the lamp holder to avoid fire.

8. The switch socket should be installed in a dry, clean and dust-free place as much as possible.

The switch socket is a household appliance used to switch on and off the circuit. Sometimes it can also be decorated for the sake of beauty. We should operate it correctly. Using our switch socket is what we all need.

I won’t go into too much detail today. If you need switches and sockets, or purchase high-current plugs and sockets, you can consult our company.

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High current plug and socket: do you know how to choose the switch socket

High current plug and socket: do you know how to choose the switch socket.

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